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By Jessica Rector

It’s been almost three years since I’ve been in a relationship. In that whole time, I’ve gone out on about 3 dates until recently. I took the time to get my bearings and to adjust to life as a single mom. Even in this time, I’ve wanted to find love, but I haven’t been aggressively pursuing it until recently.

I joined an online dating site in hopes of finding love, a partner, and my soul mate. For the first few months, every time I would email someone, I wouldn’t get a reply, and in the guys who emailed me, I wasn’t interested. I was really thrilled when recently I received an email from someone who sparked my interest.

After a few emails back and forth, we went out on a first date. I felt the excitement and anticipation for it, especially when he asked me on the second date. On this second date, he had worked all day, so he wanted to watch a movie at his house, which I agreed to. Little did I know this was code for having sex.

We kissed for the first time on the couch, but when he tried to go further and I stopped it, he was offended. I said I wasn’t like that, which apparently I wasn’t clear in meaning I wasn’t going to have sex on the second date.

Later that night, he called me a tease. I explained to him that I’m not but I need to “feel comfortable” (not my best choice of words) with a guy first. We agreed to see each other again, after all we each met the requirements we were both looking for in a mate, at least on paper. When he said the next time we saw each other, there would be no physical touching, I thought he was kidding…at least a little.

But he wasn’t. On our third date, he kept to himself as I did. It was as though we were complete strangers, which definitely wasn’t allowing me to feel more comfortable with him.

After this date, he said we wouldn’t see each other again until I felt comfortable with him…in other words comfortable to have sex with him. Red flag, red flag, red flag!

So let me be clear, in my online dating profile, I specifically say I’m looking for a relationship and to find love. I’m not sure what about that suggests to a guy I just want to have sex. And just because someone meets your requirements on paper doesn’t mean he will have manners or know how to treat you. It also doesn’t mean there will be any connection whatsoever with him.

A guy I was interested in was finally interested in me just to find out all he wanted was sex. I felt like I was in high school again (not that that happened to me in high school–it didn’t, but it sounds like something that does). I was disappointed not that this didn’t work out with this jerk, but that I allowed myself to hope that it could…that I allowed myself to hope this guy was it. I was let down but allowing myself to get so excited about the possibility.

On the other hand, I know this brings me one step closer to the guy I’m meant to be with. I still have hope that the guy for me is out there. I have no idea where he is or when I’ll find him, but he’s out there. Until then, I’ll have to go out with a lot of jerks in the meantime, but finding love with be worth it all.

As a single mom and founder of The Single Mom Movement, Jessica Rector is determined to educate and empower single moms. Single motherhood affects everyone. You can Join The Movement, Become An Advocate, or Partner with Us. Do you feel isolated? CLICK HERE and never feel alone. Single moms CLICK HERE for FREE 50 Resources Every Single Mom Needs.


By Wade Rogers

In the bathroom, the most likely places to find asbestos or asbestos containing material (ACM) are on the walls, fittings and floors, where it is used as a compound in adhesive material to bond vinyl tiles, and as part of the material used to make bath tubs and vinyl wallpaper. The main reason why it was commonly used in the shower is because it is water resistant. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the removal could be classified as either large scale or small scale. Removing asbestos from a bathroom needs a high degree of precision, just like all other surfaces.

The standard practice as recommended by Safe Work Australia is to first inspect the bathroom and collect samples for analysis to determine whether the asbestos is friable or non-friable. For sheet flooring which could actually resemble carpeting generally, the asbestos used is likely to be of the friable type. As for wallpaper and vinyl tiles, it is likely that the asbestos is non-friable. Either way, if agitated, even the tightly bonded compound can come loose. Two types of asbestos fibers are particularly toxic-crocidolite and amosite (brown asbestos), which is very brittle. (The other four are actinolite, anthrophylite, chrysotile and tremolite.) After this, a licensed removalist begins the work after risk assessment and drawing up a work plan.

The work begins, with adequate safety measures in place like temporarily evacuating residents, closing off the area and covering the bathroom area in plastic sheets or films, workers having respirators in excellent working condition and protective overalls. If present, duct vents must also be blocked so any fibers do not float away. The wet or dry method of removal must be used depending on the viability of either of them. Afterward, it has to be disposed of in properly labeled bags, separate from regular trash, to areas designated by statute.

Budget for your bathroom, being a generally small scale area it should not be quite as costly but also, a very low quote for the removal should raise red flags. The price has to be reasonable, bearing in mind that the site inspection may be billed to you differently from the removal itself.

The process of removal essentially requires some sort of strip out, since there could be removal of tiles on floors and walls and asbestos containing fittings. The tiles may have bonding material that contains asbestos.

Make sure you have a renovator ready to redo the bathroom, or in cases where the ACM is more than a minimal amount, a demolisher. So go on, inspect your bathroom for any chipping parts or if you believe you may be at risk and choose a firm whose core values are precision and safety first. Above all, identifying asbestos in a bathroom needs keenness. It could be on decorative tiles, ceilings, wallpaper and even as a component of paint. It takes great skill, experience and knowledge to do the assessment and planning accurately so the exercise is thorough and effective.

Wade has been a site inspector since the ban on asbestos almost thirty years ago in Australia. His work with Asbestos Removal Sydney, which has happened tens of times, has always left him marveling at their great skill, exactness and caution. He recommends them for every removal task of asbestos that you may have, big or small visit Asbestos Removal Sydney website.


By Carrie Greene

I’m not so sure the saying “a diamond’s a girl’s best friend” is true.

Go ahead and read these two stories, then let me know what you think…

Diamond Story 1: About five years ago I received a wonderful present from my mother-in-law. A pair of 18 karat gold earrings she inherited from her aunt. The earrings were covered with 44 small but nearly perfect, diamonds. I told you it was a wonderful present!

But there was a problem…the earrings were ugly and not something I would ever wear. They were valuable so I put them safely in a drawer and they sat.

After four years I told my husband that I had stared at the ugly (and valuable) earrings long enough and that each time I opened that drawer they were making me feel stupid for not wearing them.

It was time to either sell the earrings or turn them into something that I’ll enjoy. I decided to take the earrings, sell the gold and use the diamonds to make a bracelet that I would wear.

Diamond Story 2: I have a client who had a storage unit. She had been paying storage fees for years but had no idea what was in it. She needed to go through the unit but never found the time or energy.

Finally her guilt got the better of her and she did it. It took two weeks from start to finish.

Guess what she found…a diamond ring.

On the one hand it was awesome. But was it worth it?

Was the diamond ring she found worth the years of storage fees? Was the diamond ring worth the amount of angst she put herself through? Was the diamond ring worth the time she spent going through the storage unit and disposing of just about everything else? Tough questions, and there are no right or wrong answers.

So how does this apply to you and your business?

You have lots of “potentially” valuable things. Some are physical like my earrings and my client’s ring, but as an entrepreneur what’s even more valuable are your ideas.

You keep your ideas on lists, in piles, or more likely in the recesses of your brain. You tell yourself that you’ll get around to doing it one of these days. In the meantime, the ideas nag at you. They make you feel guilty, that somehow you should have already done it, used it or created it.

The reality is that it all comes down to a decision. Decide to do it and actually do it or decide to let it go and not worry about what could have been.

My client and I both decided it was time to do it. I spent the time, energy and money necessary to transform my ugly, but valuable, earrings into something I love. My client also went ahead and did the work. Afterwards she looked at her situation and the amount of time, energy and money that she had invested over the years into her diamond and, with hindsight being 20/20, wished that she had let go of the storage unit (and the lone diamond within) years ago.

What about you and the ideas you have been waiting on? Holding onto them is costing you time and energy. Is it worth it? They may have potential and become something valuable and useful. The question is, are you going to take the steps to make it happen?

This isn’t about judging yourself; there is no right or wrong answer. Just…Make a decision.

Decide to pick up that idea, dust it off and make it happen. Or, decide to set it aside once and for all and move onto something else.

What will you decide?

Carrie Greene is a speaker, author and business coach. She is a business strategist and productivity expert for entrepreneurs. Carrie helps entrepreneurs get clear on what they want and create simple and straight-forward plans to get there. She is the author of “Chaos to Cash: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm and Procrastination So You Can Create Ultimate Profit!” Free resources at http://carriegreenecoaching.com/


An at-home based business can help you supplement your income, or provide full or part-time employment. If you have the time to dedicate to a home business enterprise, then you’ll find it to be a sound investment. The article below has some tips you can use to grow your business.

You should be prepared to give a soundbite that can simply explain your business. The ability to sum your business up in a few simple sentences is an impressive skill that clients appreciate. This also helps generate a slogan and make sure important points about your business are covered.

TIP! You should always be willing to take extra steps to leave your customers with a positive impression. Always take the extra step.

Starting a home based business can be exciting, but it also takes a ton of initiative and a burning desire to bring your dreams into reality. Since many regulations apply to buildings and businesses, check with your county to make sure the set-up you have in mind for your home business enterprise doesn’t create any legal conflict. You may find a separate office building on your property to be most suitable. This will also create breathing space between your home and professional life.

Operating your own home business sounds glamorous and fun, but it takes a real desire to succeed, a ton of initiative, and a whole lot of discipline. Because many counties may have regulations on the types of buildings you need to operate your business out of, it may be helpful to think about building your own office building at your house, so customers do not need to enter your place of residence. This also acts as an effective barrier between your private life and work life.

TIP! Join forums about home business-related topics. You can network with professionals of a like mind, but you can also use these groups as another way to market and promote yourself.

Setting regular work hours for yourself and following them will help you maintain a good work/home life balance. Determine when business hours will end. Try not to work or accept calls after hours. It is important to leave time for friends, family and even yourself.

You can find support for many problems you face with your home business by joining an online community. There are many sites that offer support and ideas to help home businesses succeed. Here, you can find people who are going through the same issues as you and you can share and learn from them as you navigate your way through the business world.

TIP! If you want to save money, your business expenditures must be documented. These expenses include car mileage, gas and internet service.

Having trouble coming up with an idea for your business? Ask yourself what service or products you would want in your life. The best new products address a previously unrecognized need. If you can think of something that you would like, chances are, other people will like it too.

Self-promotion is key to a successful home business. You’re going to need to be able to sing your company’s praises. You need to be sure that your customers are comfortable with your products because they’re high quality. One of the most influential factors in achieving higher profits is the ability to promote yourself successfully.

TIP! Find a space in your house that you can call your own work space. You will need plenty of room to organize your work materials.

Business Transactions

Create a regular schedule for your work time. Office hours ensure you balance work and play, rather than working 24/7. Sticking to your schedule will help you to stay on track and separate your home and work life. You will still be able to have a social life.

TIP! Looking as professional as possible is always good business advice. A sloppy, poorly designed and unprofessional website will turn customers off and drive them away quickly.

Having a separate account for your business finances makes record keeping much easier. Make sure all business transactions use this account. This way, you can keep track of how much is coming into and flowing out of your business. Try to get separate credit cards that you can use solely for business transactions.

You must make sure that the work area for your home business is properly, safe. This is particularly important if there are children in the home. You might need to have certain equipment, and set strict boundaries. This is important if you want to keep your family and your business safe from unforeseen accidents. Working from home does not protect you from inspections.

TIP! Open a customer phone line for your home business. You can write this off.

To save money, keep track of all your business expenses. This includes car mileage related to your business and internet service. Being an owner and operator of your own business, your expenses have expenses of their own that can be removed off your taxes. Even trivial expenses can mount rapidly, and it’s foolish to simply let the government keep even a fraction of your profits.

You can propose reciprocal advertising to other home business people where you post your website information on their websites and they do the same on your website. This approach works best where the businesses are not in direct competition with one another. This will attract more traffic to your website and also improve how your website ranks in search results. When customers click on your links, they should be clear on where they are going and what your products and services are; you can help with this process by using clear, specific advertising.

TIP! Get your website updated and ready to take on sales as soon as you can. Many people love to shop online, so you could be missing out on major sales without a website.

Every home business should have a solid business plan. Define your goals, resources and methods, no matter what size your business is. Having a business plan improves your chance for success.

One great way to increase your business income is to join an affiliate program. This will help to get the word out about your product or service so that you can continue to get new business. Find the best one for you by doing your homework.

TIP! Make a board with cutouts from periodicals that symbolize your goals. This should include items that give you motivation to succeed with your home business.

Always focus on what’s to come rather than what’s already happened. Past success is no indication of future profits. Try to focus on your future goals. This will keep you prepared for the upcoming opportunities, as well as future obstacles. You will be less likely to be surprised by following this plan.

Even after your business has been established, you will want to continue working hard to ensure its continued success. Keep advertising and spreading the word about your business in order to ensure its continued success. This will help keep customers coming to see what you have to offer.

TIP! When starting a home business, it’s smart to speak to your bank about business accounts. They will be able to help you start a business bank account, get checks with your business name on it, and even apply for a business line of credit or credit card.

You can get the flexibility and diverse job assignments you want with a home business. You can just do it as a hobby, or it can be your full-time job. The following article will give you some great tips for running your own home based business.

Keep track of how you spend your time. A home business will take a lot of your time; this is because you probably don’t have any employees to share the work burden. When you schedule in trips to the office supply store, post office and client meetings, you’ll be ready for anything.

TIP! It’s vital that you stay on top of the cash flow for your business at all times. Take pains to carefully manage your cash flow, as it is critical to your success.


By Babak Tavakoli

Your bathroom would not be complete without a splash of accessories. Placed strategically, they can add some glamour to your bathroom, making it your favorite room in the whole house.

Head Rests

The edge of a bath can be hard and strain the neck. Improve your comfort while soaking by getting a head rest made of softer material to cushion your neck.

Customized vanity

Instead of the traditional faucet and sink, you could have a portable vanity set with an interesting shape. It could be barrel shaped, shell shaped or customized to resemble whatever inspires you.


You can give yourself some degree of privacy by fixing sheer curtains around a tub. These are easier to fix around a tub anchored to the wall. For a freestanding bath, you will need a four point structure over the tub. the curtains go on these and descend downward.

Towel bars

Increase your comfort and relaxation routine by installing bars that can be heated up slightly and warm the towels in return. It should be designed in a way that even its highest heat setting cannot burn human skin.

Underwater Speakers

For lovers of music, advancement in technology couldn’t have created something better than speakers which work perfectly immersed under water. As you lean back and shut your eyes to everything else, get soothed by mellow music flowing into your ears. It gets you into a bubble of sorts. The other alternative is having piped music, or speakers that let you listen to your favorite tunes playing on an external music source.

Floor lights and adjustable lighting

Inorganic candles emit carcinogenic fumes. Getting organic candles is a better option. Scented candles are a treatment method for clinically depressed or fatigued persons.However, the best way to go would be to have remote controlled candles, and replace the scent with bath salts.

For lighting also, you could use an imposing vintage chandelier. Adjustable floor lights at different corners of the room also work wonders for the bathroom at times.

High gloss wood shelves and cabinets

Use these to stack your color coded towel and other vanities. Not only are they functional, but they add style to the room. Position them at a strategic place, so they are easy to reach but look like decorative pieces at the same time.

Working with a supplier and fitter can be difficult if you don’t communicate what exactly you want. Even if you do however, if you consult experts, you best trust them after the explanation, sit back and watch your idea being actualized. Of course that only works with reputable firms.

There are countless ways of improving your bathroom. All it needs is time and an open mind. Anything can be incorporated into baths as long as you do it appropriately. As it goes, creativity is without limit.

After having your bathroom professionally designed and installed, then it’s time to add the pieces that highlight the ingenuity.

They say your home is an expression, if not an extension, of yourself. So why not express yourself best by adding some classic and tasteful accessories to this part of your home?

Babak works at ACS Bathrooms. They are a highly praised and reputable supplier and fitter of grand bathroom accessories. For all your bathroom needs, seek their unmatchable skills and expertise only at ACS Designer Bathrooms.


If you’re sick and tired of your dirty shower area, hiring a stone cleaning company can help! You don’t have to re-tile or replace a thing. It’s all in the products you choose. Whether you do it yourself or let a of our trained service professionals do the job for you, you’ll have stunning results.

The first thing to understand is avoid using any type of acid-containing cleaners on your surfaces. These types of cleaners can cause the color of your grout to fade and can actually cause your grout to chip and crumble. Using a cleaner especially made for grout is important. We recommend an InterCare based cleaner to clean both tile and grout of all types. It is easy to use. Just spray it on and wipe it off! You will be amazed at the mirror-like shine you will achieve. It is recommended for all man-made tiles including Mexican tile, porcelain, ceramic tile, and sanded and non-sanded grout.

Preparing the surface to be cleaned is fairly straight forward. Repair any grout that has chipped or crumbled. Remove stains and heavily soiled areas. Clean the grout and tile with a quality tile & grout cleaner. For excessively dirty grout, use a professional grade grout cleaner. Use a soft bristle brush to wipe away the dirt. You can use a wallpaper brush and a toothbrush for tight spots. When finished, make sure you have removed all remaining grout cleaner from the grout and then seal the grout with a quality grout sealer. This will keep the grout looking clean and fresh longer. It is recommended to seal your grout once a year. Of course, if you don’t have the time to do the job yourself, contact a trained, service professional do the job for you.

Cleaning your tile and grout regularly can help to keep the surface looking brand new. How often depends on where the tile and grout are located – indoors, outdoors, in a shower, in a high-traffic area or in an area that gets minimal use. Clean the surfaces daily to weekly. Make repairs as soon as damage has been noticed. As mentioned, sealing can be done once yearly.

Got Mold?

Most people are not aware that household cleaning products bought at your local grocery store just cleans the surface dirt, but the mold and mildew continue to grow deep inside the grout. These household products are also acidic and can damage your surfaces including the metal in your shower areas. You need a product that actually destroys the hidden mold, mildew and the spores which thrive in dark, moist, and warm atmospheres deep within the grout. Household cleaners only clean the surface which explains why, after you have cleaned an area, the mold seems to re-appear within a couple of days. These cleaners should not be used on porous surfaces, and it usually states so on the label. Purchase products that are made to safely deep clean the grout by killing all of the mold and mildew above and beneath the surface.

An acid free tile shower mold & mildew stain remover penetrates the grout but does not damage the grout and it is safe and will not harm the environment.

A professional grade mold & mildew stain remover can be 8 times more effective than bleach, but has a less offensive, lighter smell than bleach. You want to find a product that is safe and effective on your stone, tile & grout. A good product can be used in the routine cleaning of mold on marble, travertine, and slate showers and for heavy or light cleaning.


More and more people are enrolling in IT training, which stands for information technology. This type of training involves studying the way computers process and handle information. These specialists can be found in all types of industries such as software, hardware design, internet applications, communication networks and other businesses. Here are some basic considerations for anyone considering courses or careers in information technology.

Benefits of an Information Technology Degree

Acquiring a degree in information technology can give graduates several advantages.

- They can succeed in a wide range of professions soon after graduation.

- Graduates can have an advantage over other applicants vying for the same job.

- Having this training can be helpful in starting a web-based business

- Another benefit is having the capacity to earn extra money by designing websites for businesses.

What’s Included in the Training

An information technology education combines studying technology with business. It entails discovering the part that technology plays in developing, storing and creating data. Students also learn why information security is so critical.

Included are methods for troubleshooting problems and applying new data technologies, as well as designing and implementing technology methods that are both effective and easy to use. Besides basic information technology fundamentals, students also study ethics involved in technology and how to manage technologies in a business environment.

Normal information technology training includes learning how to use Microsoft Office and other software packages. It also may entail learning PowerPoint, Excel, QuickBooks and CMS (Content Management System). Specialist training is more intense and may involve programs such as Photoshop or Adobe.

College Degree Levels

College degrees are offered at associate, bachelor, master and PhD levels.

- Associate degree-Courses at this level entail project-based data systems. Courses include those such as Website database implementation, JavaScript, DHTML and a curriculum based on mathematics.

- Master’s level-This level generally takes two years and provides more advanced and focused field study. A master’s degree entails taking courses, ranging from software engineering principles to studies in advanced algorithms.

- PhD level-Because it’s the highest level, a PhD degree usually focuses on research.


- For an entry level job, an employee typically needs to have an associate degree in a field in information technology or applicable experience in this area.

- People working in information technology careers spend considerable time typing on keyboards and staring at computer screens, meaning they’re usually proficient in typing and possess good manual and hand-to-eye dexterity.

- This industry is particularly suited for people skilled in applied science and in mechanics.

- Although many IT specialists with college degrees are successful, people can still enjoy a flourishing career in information technology even if they don’t have a degree.

- Students who can’t attend classes should consider taking online training, which is available at both undergraduate and graduate levels in various specializations and disciplines.

- Often, jobs in information technology can be done for clients remotely. Therefore, specialists don’t have to live in particular areas to find work.

- Those with strong people skills should consider jobs working at customer service call centers or at help desks.

- Job considerations for creative people may include designing new software or microchips.

Training in information technology is beneficial to students, in addition to many companies. People thinking about this type of education should consider its many possibilities and take advantage of it.


Camping is all about exploring nature as well as reconnecting with yourself, your friends and your family. Although there are many people that thrive while camping there are plenty of others who get concerned with the idea of camping in the heart of the woods at night. The best way to calm any fears associated with camping is to be prepared for the adventure. Read on to better equip yourself for your next camping expedition.

One fear many new campers have is that they will not enough food for the number of days and nights they will be surviving in the great outdoors. It is important to stock up and pack accordingly when it comes to food. This will ease your stress and make the experience a lot simpler. Prepare meals that can be warmed up over the campfire. Preparing as many meals as you can at home ahead of time helps with meal time. Storing your meals in plastic bags and freezing them ahead of time will also help to keep the meals unspoiled.

Another area in which evokes a bit of fear is the experience of sleeping in a tent. Sleeping bags are exceptionally comfortable and can be purchased in a variety of weights to ensure no matter what weather you are camping in that you remain warm. A camping pad can be brought along if the idea of sleeping on the floor is too much for you.

Many people enjoy exploring nature when camping. With this in mind it is important that you have with you the right navigational tools. A GPS is not always the best option especially when you are in the middle of the dense woods. Take a compass with you on all of your hikes. If you happen to become turned around you will easy be able to navigate in the direction of your campsite with the use of a compass.

Don’t over pack when it comes to survival tools. A basic survival knife can not only fulfill the duties needed in the kitchen but can be used to gather kindling, cut up fish, or whatever else you may find yourself needing a multi-purpose tool. There are several top brand name knife manufacturers. Look for a knife that has both a serrated and straight edge to provide you the most use on your adventure. One that folds into itself is often better for carrying with you in your camping supplies.

A multi-tool pocket knife can be useful as well. Carrying a multi-tool pocket knife is a smart idea because not only does it fit in your pocket it also provides useful tools such as silverware, tweezers, nail files, pliers, nail clippers and more. You never know when a splinter will become embedded into your skin and a multi-tool pocket knife can help. Some smaller pocket knives with multiple tools on them have flashlights as well. Extra light is always useful especially when camping.

Prepare yourself with a positive attitude and as much or as little camping gear as needed to make your trip not only memorable but also enjoyable. This article gives you some ideas on what you may want to bring with you. Remember that besides the necessities of bug spray, food and sleeping bags some entertainment around the campfire is always nice. A small compact deck of cards can always help with that!


It’s exciting to start a online business, but there are many hurdles to overcome. Do you really want to run a home business? Consider the tips in this article.

Be sure to gives customers notice of any item that is sold out. It’s very upsetting to order an item and then find out that the shipment will take weeks or longer. Clearly mark out of stock items, so that they can choose something they’ll receive sooner.

TIP! One possible moneymaker is offering lessons for an area in which you are skilled. Those that offer lessons from home allow customers flexibility that a structured school or facility may not offer.

Don’t get too distracted, but you do want to take periodic breaks. Long phone calls about personal things need to be avoided, as well as projects that take a while, like home improvement. Refresh yourself by working in your garden or exercising.

Sign up for home business discussion groups and forums on the Internet. In addition to chatting with others in your position, you can also create a name for yourself. You don’t know where a certain contact can take you or how many sales you can make through a connection.

TIP! Use affiliates to market your product. Trade affiliate links with others.

When you work at home, you will need an office. It’s not something that has to be extravagant, but it should be inviting. Your office needs to be an area that inspires calmness, inspiration, efficiency, and productivity. Size is the last thing you should worry about.

Get comfortable with self-promotion. This means being confident in talking with others and getting them to see value in your product or service. The end goal is to give the perception of high quality and experience when you communicate with those that may bring you customers, directly or indirectly. Understanding how to self-promote is vital to generating excellent profits.

TIP! Consult with a lawyer that deals in business before you launch your home business. There are sometimes specific laws about home businesses.

Your website should include a banner page. This will allow you to trade banner links with other businesses that you have contact with. The method is simple, but it will effectively allow for increasing both party’s traffic and ratings among popular search engines.

It may be tempting to be financially lenient with your customers as you start to build business relationships, but doing so may ultimately jeopardize your profitability. Have a solid payment plan visible on all of your documents and do not waiver from it. It is also a good idea to include a clause for late penalties, within reason, for those who neglect their payment.

TIP! When you set up your home business, take some time to find out about the going rates charged by similar businesses in your area. Set your prices to be competitive with the going rates of similar businesses.

Emergency Funds

The most important thing you can do for your home business is to be as professional as possible. Having a website that doesn’t look legitimate can be the cue for potential customers to leave immediately. If you want to learn additional ideas for how to make a great website, check out other professional websites.

TIP! Many owners of home businesses get together online. Hang out on many different web forums, including those that have nothing to do with your niche.

Emergency funds are necessary for your business in case there are unexpected expenses. Such a fund helps you deal with unplanned costs and maintain smooth operations during times of financial uncertainty. However, the emergency funds should be used for emergency only.

You should have multiple methods available for your customers to contact you. Keep detailed records of people who buy your questions and if they inquired about them prior to purchase. You can influence your customer’s decision making process, and you should note what tactics work and what tactics did not work.

TIP! Have your home business taxes done by a professional tax preparer. Your job is business, and trying to take away from that to learn how to file taxes for a home business can prevent you from doing what you need to do for your business.

Look online for the supplies that you can use for your home-based business at wholesale costs. Internet searches can turn up tons of suppliers who will sell you any type of supplies you need for your online business at low, cost-effective prices. Your business license will allow you to purchase supplies in this manner.

Have you thought about signing up with an affiliate program for your business? This is highly important if you want to create buzz about your business and increase profits. You have to do your research to find the right opportunity.

TIP! Let potential customers know why they should consider you. Marketing your home business requires clarity in your messaging to potential customers.

As was stated, there are many who find the idea of being a successful business owner, and living the life they want, very attractive. When following the tips laid out here, current and prospective owners of home businesses can be sure that they are on the road to guaranteeing success for their business.

Make a vision board using pictures you’ve cut out from magazines that speak to your goals for your business. This should include items that give you motivation to succeed with your home business. Some ideas for a vision board include home renovations you want to complete, a vacation you dream of taking or a favorite restaurant. )

TIP! While long hours are part of starting a home business, do not allow it to occupy every moment of your day. Set aside time for other people like your family or friends.


A large safety concern in both residential and commercial buildings is overloading or causing a short circuit within the electrical circuit. The component that is used to prevent this from occurring is an electrical circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is used to protect the circuits within your home or business. If a fault is detected within the circuit the system will cause a break in the electrical current flow causing the system to come to a halt.

The type of circuit breaker you choose to purchase will depend on a number of things. In order to purchase the correct electrical circuit breaker you need to clearly understand your needs and the needs that will be placed on the system. When purchasing a new or refurbished circuit breaker, your electrical supplier will discuss several factors with you to help you select the best breaker for your needs.

The first thing an electrical supply company will ask you about when purchasing a circuit breaker is the amount of electricity that will be flowing through the breaker. The voltage load of the circuit breaker you choose will depend heavily on the equipment that will be used on the circuit as well as the overall load of electricity that will run through the circuit.

There are three main voltage categories when it comes to circuit breakers. Low voltage circuit breakers are used in residential electrical circuits. A low voltage electrical circuit breaker works best in households and can handle a max load of 1000 volts. Medium electrical circuit breakers are suitable for buildings and office settings. A medium breaker is good for use when voltage requirements are between 1000 and 72,000 volts. Large electrical circuit breakers handle voltage loads upwards of 72,000. Large breakers are typically used for high voltage power transmission lines.

The next consideration of various circuit breakers is the mounting style. The two main components are fixed mounted circuit breakers and removable mounted circuit breakers. A fixed mounted circuit breaker is mounted so that it cannot be removed without removing the main connections and mounting supports. A removable mounted circuit breaker has two parts, the base and the actual breaker. The base is bolted and hardwired to the frame where is the breaker is plugged into the base. This system can be replaced without having to rewire.

Another consideration is the type of trip unit you would like the breaker to be on. There are two main types of trip units, magnetic and thermal. Also consider the operating temperature range when purchasing an electrical circuit breaker. Different components work better than others at different temperature ranges.

The best place to purchase an electrical circuit breaker is with the help of an online new, used and refurbished electrical component supplier. They will have the best inventory in stock and are familiar with a variety of circumstances. Use their experience to help you choose the best circuit breaker for your commercial or residential use.