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Here’s some food for thought: In 2012, 57 million Americans lived in multi-generational households, double the number from 1980. It’s called the “sandwich generation” – parents sandwiched between their kids and their own parents – and the trend continues to rise.

The National Association of Realtors says 4 percent of U.S. home purchases in 2014 involved a multi-generational household of adult children, plus parents, grandparents or both. So under one roof you can find a newborn and someone who can tell you about listening to Franklin D. Roosevelt on the radio.

So there’s no question, the sandwich generation is giving Realtors plenty to chew on.

Agents and brokers regularly tell me they’re seeing more and more multigenerational buyers seeking a place to live and that’s not an easy task. Each generation has unique expectations, experiences, preferences, lifestyles and values.

So what do you need to know to keep the sandwich generation well served (and fed)? Here are four ‘bites’ to keep in mind:

Bite #1 – Get the full picture. Work to understand each person’s perspective by starting with oldest and working your way down to the youngest person. Consider all the logistical challenges each generation may face in a new home and then work to find a happy medium. Balance is what you’re striving for here. It will take a bit longer than working with just a single buyer, but the time you spend on the front end will save you time on the back end when you end up showing the family properties that simply don’t fit a multi-generational situation.

Bite #2 – Don’t make assumptions on size. At first glance you might think a bigger house is better for a multi-generational buyer, but that’s not always the case. A larger home with an open floor plan may seem like the logical answer, but sometimes a smaller home with its own distinct living quarters like split-levels or an in-law apartment can fill the need. Everyone wants and needs their own space. When you begin your search, keep an open mind.

Bite #3 – Think ‘how’ instead of just ‘how many.’ This is a good segue from bite number two. So instead of asking how many bedrooms they want, consider asking how the rooms will be used. Versatility is key when you have three or more generations sharing a home. Think about homes with spaces that can be transformed easily. Maybe gramps will need to go down to the first floor and one of the kids will want that cool upstairs space.

Bite #4 – Consider mobility and accessibility. Both of these elements tend to be important for multi-generational buyers. Lots of stairs may not work for the older residents who tend to like more open floor plans with easy-to-access bedrooms, kitchens and living areas. In fact, many builders now have made the first-floor bedroom suite a standard feature, so don’t rule out looking at new homes as well.

Bite #5 – Rethink location. If the older occupants are still active you’ll need to consider what they’ll prefer to be near, such as churches, healthcare providers and perhaps public transportation. And of course you’ll need to think about schools and entertainment spots for the kids.

So the plate is set. Are you ready to get your fill? Sure, helping a multi-generation family takes a little extra work, dedication, understanding, empathy and patience. But once you find the right house, you will have helped more people and that always makes you feel good (and full!).

Share what’s on your mind. Are you seeing more multi-generational clients? If so, what have you learned from working with them? What will you do differently, if anything, next time?

Bubba Mills is executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc. (800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems for residential REALTOR, mortgage brokers and real estate companies.


By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

~~ William James, famed psychologist

Achieving certain dreams often requires FAR LESS WORK than achieving other, seemingly easier goals. Why is that so?

Because it is much, much harder to work for a goal we do not passionately desire. But when you manage to get yourself focused on what is naturally of passionate interest to you your work becomes play.

Are Your Goals a Good Fit?

Hopefully you’ve invested some thought clarifying your life goals and you know exactly what you want. So why not take a few minutes to ask yourself an important question am I pursuing the right goal for ME?

Here’s why that is so important: You’ll never really achieve your true potential as long as you pour your energy into something that doesn’t really fit your true passions and interests! Does that seem too simple?

Think about that for a moment. It’s unfortunately very easy to automatically adopt someone else’s goal. We were trained to do that very thing as children.

Ninty-nine percent of us were fully expected to achieve the goals our parents and educational system set out for us. Some of us gave in and tried to do so. Some of us rebelled and learned to fail instead. And some of us felt somehow inadequate because we did not have the natural interest and or aptitude to do what we were expected to do.

If you find you never seem to achieve your goals, you may be setting goals you don’t really desire or believe in for yourself.

This is never going to lead to success. What it will lead to is one false start after another and a tendency to want to quit after the first bump in the road.

This is a major dead-end, and will do nothing but gradually erode your self confidence.

Ask Yourself This…

You need to be sure your goal really is YOUR goal for YOUR life. If you feel resistance, take a serious look at that. Ask yourself who you might really be setting that goal for?

Then ask yourself if you really have a burning passion for that goal, and are willing to butt heads with as many so-called failures as necessary to achieve it.

If your answer is no this may be a good time to revisit your goal setting exercise. Selecting an Appropriate Goal

Three things will happen if you make the effort to refocus yourself around a goal that is more in keeping with your natural talents and passions:

First, you will be happier, less stressed, and far more productive.

Second, you will be far more likely to hang in as you hit those jarring bumps in the road.

And third, there is a higher probability you will achieve a level of excellence at what you’re doing. This increases your value thereby increasing your potential for increased return on your efforts.

So put your goal to the test. Does it truly measure up to your innermost desires? Achieve it.

The secrets of goal achievement are actually quite clear cut:

Have burning passion for what is desired,

Set a clear and exact goal to get it,

Make an absolute commitment to achieve the goal,

Be willing to pay the price for achieving it, and

Commit to focused action, focused action and more focused action.

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Build Mind Power


By Ryan Jackson

Every day, billions of pounds, dollars, and other currencies are transferred across the country from businesses, banks, governments, institutions, and the public. Especially for companies which attract a reasonable profit, transporting cash – as well as electronic funds – must be conducted with the utmost security and efficiency. Cash collection is one of the most crucial industries serving both the public and private sector, and finding the right company which can serve a customer’s needs is as important as the financial infrastructure itself. Here are four companies which provide these vital services, and how each one of them have come to excel in the cash collection sector by focusing on reliability, customer service, support, and cost effectiveness.


Transporting £150 billion each year, Loomis is one of the UK’s most essential cash collection services. With highly trained staff and specialized equipment, Loomis makes safety its number one priority. Loomis does this by reducing chances of theft and potential assault on staff at work as well delivering cash to banking points, also minimising risk to the general public. Loomis engineers its program to cater directly to its clients, making it not only safe, but extremely cost effective as well as saving time.Contract SecurityAnother leader in the market for cash collection, Contract Security not only meets British standards for security and performance but excels in them, providing a customisable service which is safe and efficient. It uses heightened security methods to ensure the safety of all goods, including safekeeping of keys and information as well as during cash collections. It makes sure that customers are informed about the vehicles involved in cash collection to verify additional authentification. Contract Security caters to a wide variety of industries, and is able to provide many services quickly whether it is a last minute enquiry or regular schedule.


G4S is one of the biggest and most established cash collection companies in the industry, serving the government as well as several businesses and other organisations. It operates on a global scale with a presence in more than 120 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Its extensive experience in security has led to its rise as a successful company and a valuable contributor to the economic structure of various reasons. Managing operations of this scale goes right down to the basic level of reliability, professionalism and security, which G4S provides. They offer secure solutions for the variety of industries which can accommodate virtually every need, and are expert training and protection.

Security Plus

Security Plus is another major competitor in the industry, operating widely in Europe as well as the UK. Their services are centred on security as well as cash collection, and have developed an infrastructure which is based around time efficiency as well as safety. Using advanced technology and equipment to ensure the protection of cash collectors as well as staff and operating on a flexible timeline for clients, it is one of the top choices for high street vendors. It also offers a comprehensive network of communication so that customers can maintain an easy correspondence.

Gemini Parking Solutions provides parking management solutions across the UK, to learn more about parking and vehicle related issues please visit:



When people, especially families, go out to dinner, they want to have some sort of trust going in that they are going to have a good time and get their money’s worth. The problem is that it is hard to get that knowledge ahead of time. It’s a Catch-22: you do not know what it will be like until you go there, but you do not want to go there until you know what it will be like. Restaurant reviews in the newspaper and on the local news are good, up to a point. They can point out what kind of food they serve, what the atmosphere is like and how much you can expect to spend, but that is just the opinion of one person.

Most people take their restaurant recommendations from friends, family members and other trusted sorts, but there is a limitation on that as well. If no one has been to the new restaurant yet, then there is no one to tell them personally what to expect. In the past, it came down to how much a person was willing to gamble, but now, thanks to all of the various websites, people can get a wealth of opinions to make their decision by.

Yelp, TripAdvisor and Urban Spoon are just three of the many popular websites out there that offer what is known as “peer reviews.” Simply put, this means they function as a place where everyday people and not professional reviewers can voice their opinion about their experience. This is helpful for many reasons. If you have heard something bad about a place, you can see if it was simply a mistake or a pattern of how they do things. It also allows a person to look for reviews from people in their situation. If you are a parent looking for a good family meal, it is easy to scan through for reviews from other families and see what their take was.

Best of all, it is a great place to get a better understanding of a restaurant that may offer a menu you are unfamiliar with. The people reviewing on these websites for the most part are going to write in easy to understand terms. They will not be using flowery language and technical details, but instead, put it out there for everyone to understand.

Just as importantly is the function that these websites have to safeguard against spam reviews as well as people trying to stack the deck in the restaurant’s favor. Reviews, both good and bad, get flagged all the time for being inappropriate, which means people who are using the sight can trust in the integrity of it. Instead of thinking of them as restaurant review sites, look at is as having a thousand new friends who love to go out to eat and tell you all about it.


The world of labeling and packaging is a mystery to most of us. When we go to the store we don’t really focus on what type of label or package the product is in. However the label and package make a huge impact on what we purchase but it is all subconscious to us as consumers. One of the most popular options in labeling is shrink sleeves. It is highly regarded within the manufacturing community as one of the best product branding tools.

Next time you make a purchase look to see what type of label used. From sodas and cooking ingredients to toys and outdoor chemicals shrink sleeves are used to brand products. Shrink sleeves, when designed properly, really allow your product to pop and stand out from the competition. Below is a list of advantages that shrink sleeve labeling offer for both manufacturers and consumers.

Maximum Protection: With shrink sleeve manufacturing you not only get three hundred and sixty degrees of advertising but also maximum product protection. Shrink sleeves give a tamper proof seal on your product that is sure to be as eye catching as it is protective.

Functional Packaging: Another benefit with shrink sleeve labeling is the functionality it allows for product shape and design. Even the oddest shaped packages can be labeled using shrink sleeves. Not only does it allow for maximum flexibility but also can guarantee that the advertising on the product is what is needed as well.

Economical: When you can advertise your product without additional expense or burden you are saving money. This is what is accomplished when choosing shrink sleeve labeling. The thin plastic film helps to ensure an economical manufacturing process. It also allows for inexpensive experimentation with your products label to help brand your products.

Client Trust: As a manufacturer you want to gain your clients trust. This can be accomplished easily with tamper proof shrink sleeve labels. When you encase your product with a shrink sleeve wrap you are guaranteeing that your product has not been tampered with. This is a huge benefit to consumers especially when product tampering can affect your entire family including pets.

Preserved Look: If you are looking for a label that helps to provide damage free shipping process that leaves the product looking as good as when it left for distribution look no further. The extra layer of “skin” that shrink sleeves provide ensure an extra layer of defense against product damage.

Shrink sleeve labeling has become one of the most common methods of labeling today. Your label is an important part in marketing your brand and product. Choose wisely and look for a label that is as beneficial to your marketing and advertising campaigns as it is protective to your product.


Copyright © 2015 Kevin Briggs

The knee connects the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone), with the patella (kneecap) and the fibula (second bone within the lower leg) also forming part of the joint of which there are 4 ligaments connecting the bones. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue connecting bones within a joint and are responsible for stability. The four ligaments within the knee are the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL), Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) and Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL).

The ACL is located at the front of the knee and is the most prominent ligament in that it prevents the leg moving forward beyond its normal range of motion and offers stability when walking, running and jumping. The PCL is located at the back of the knee and connects the femur and tibia, with impact to the front of the knee sometimes leading to PCL damage. The MCL and LCL are located either side of the knee and prevent sideways movement.

Any damage to the knee can seriously impact mobility affecting your ability to walk, let alone carry on with extreme sports, of which 40% of ACL injuries are attributed to and is the most common.

Choosing a knee brace based on injury grading

There are 3 different grades of ligament damage which dictate the recovery time and the knee brace which should be used as part of your recovery.

A grade 1 is described as a mild ligament tear and will typically heal following a few weeks of rest. Inflammation and pain may be experienced therefore the best course of action is rest, with ice and compression to help manage the inflammation and pain and keep you mobile for longer. Compression can be achieved through a compression sleeve which are manufactured from materials like neoprene or BioSkin.

A grade 2 is slightly more serious in that of a moderate ligament tear which can affect stability as well as resulting in inflammation, an injury leading to a longer spell on the sidelines. Here, a ligament knee brace should be considered which can offer both compression as well as stability, with the strapping acting as external ligaments.

A grade 3 is the most serious and will typically result in surgery to either repair or replace the ruptured ligament, using a graft from the groin or hamstring. This can affect overall stability and will normally see you out of action for up to a year following surgery and rehabilitation including stretching and strengthening exercises. Surgery can be avoided however by remaining acl deficient and building strength in the quads to counteract the instability. Following a grade 3 you should consider wearing an acl knee brace to offer stability and protect against further damage in the future.

Choosing a knee brace based on sport

The product you choose should not only bit suitable to manage your injury but also the sport you wish to undertake. For grade 1 and 2 injuries a soft knee brace will do the trick for the majority of sports such as running, football etc. It is worth noting that a hinged knee brace is not allowed to be worn on the football pitch under FA rules but a sleeve can be.

Where you are looking at extreme sports such as skiing and snowboarding then many extreme sports stars and enthusiasts opt to wear a rigid knee brace, manufactured from materials like carbon fibre which are super strong and lightweight. This style of brace is designed to withstand impact and can be worn both prophylactically (to prevent injury) as well as post injury to minimise the risk of a reoccurrence.

Which knee brace should I choose?

Diagnosis is essential in the first instance, therefore if you are unsure as to severity of your ligament injury then you should speak with a medical professional who will also be able to advise of the type of knee brace you should be considering based on your injury and your intended activities.

Kevin Briggs writes blogs and articles for the Össur Webshop and is an extreme sports enthusiast who knows the importance of using a knee brace to protect against ligament damage, having suffered a number of knee injuries over the years. Original Article: What is the best knee brace for knee ligament damage


By Paul A Philips

It has been estimated that over 10,000 children in the UK alone have been taken from parents through secret courts. It has been said that many of these children have been taken from loving caring parents without merit and for no real reason.

Many cases of child removal have been said to reveal scandals involving the state. For instance, the state has introduced what’s called the ‘Cinderella Law.’ This law means that if parents don’t show love to their children then they could face prison… Wait a minute!

This law has been criticized on the grounds that it’s another excuse to remove more and more children from parents: Who decides what constitutes ‘unloving parents’ and by what criteria? Doesn’t this law make every parent a suspect??

Other countries are no different to the UK in that it leads to the unjust removal of children from parents. In the USA you have the ‘Obama Youth Movement.’ Allowing the seizing of its children granting the state to have absolute control…

Then there’s talk of sterilizing children in Australia. And how about the proposed idea that parents should be fined for not reading to their children. Or talk of having to have a licence to own children.., I digress.

-So you may well ask where all this is leading.

The current push for state ownership and control of children stems as far back as Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ written in the 1930′s. State ownership and control is worth a lot of money to the respective government. For example, child adoption makes many billions each year.

Reports have claimed that kids are being taken away from their parents without due process or law. If the state is after your kids they won’t afford you the presumption of innocence or even rational thinking that you naturally own them so the advice here is indeed to be on your guard.

Educate yourself on how to keep your kids safe from heartless authorities. Let this article be a platform for you to go through some of the excellent websites out there that can provide documentary evidence, case testimonies, legal guidance and insights in and amongst the shocking revelations…

The state operates in conjunction with their associates the equally corrupt social services. The social services are the ones involved in having children removed from parents without a scrap of evidence that any abuse had taken place.

-Every parent should know this.

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By Graham Brightwell

Be very creative if you want to spruce up your home and sell it for the best price. Home staging is something that you can do for economic purposes. All you need is a bit of imagination and eye for detail. Remember that your objective here is to give your abode a fresh and appealing look. Tips from staging experts will prove to be useful. You can get these valuable hints from the web and home design magazines.

Perhaps, your initial step should be touch up your lawn. Try planting colorful flowers and trim the grass. See to it that the terrace is clean and looks pleasant. Once you are done with the front yard. Throw away all the garbage and wash your windows thoroughly. Rearrange furniture items and other fixtures. Potential buyers will always look go for an orderly living area. You can have a sofa, two chairs and lamps in the living room. This will produce attractive reception area for visitors.

Your flooring and countertops must shine. Wipe the counters, shelves, closets, and cupboards well. Remove unnecessary accessories and dispose of items that look unsightly. A house that is shoddy looks gloomy and wanting in space. Home staging is designed to make your abode look tidy and spacious. Keep in mind that the house should not only look spacious but look arranged as well.

Remove family photographs. Paint dividers with light colors. Even the corners should be in perfect condition. Take away worn-out screens, broken tiles or lights which are not working. Inspect your dining room and check the fixtures. A large table may look unattractive. Try to downsize and avoid too much stiffness in your arrangements. Get rid of boxes and old newspapers or magazines. You can hang beautiful art pieces; install lights; and, place vibrant carpets to stir the curiosity of buyers. There should be no repulsive odors especially those that come from pets, smoke and other sources.

Emphasize individual rooms to show off the true potential of your domicile. Do away with disarray that can distract likely clients. Keep in mind that wooden panels that look frail can weaken your selling point. Repair decrepit cabinets using new and colorful designs. Use clean linen for chair foams. If possible, hire expert cleaners to make sure that the entire house is free from dirt. Following these tips can lead to a successful and inexpensive home staging effort.

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The silent killer, chronic stress is a hidden problem in our world today that is increasingly having its way with us. We are like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and the water is getting hotter and hotter. We don’t even notice until it’s boiling and…well, you know the end.

How do we destress ourselves in such a stressful world? Some meditate, some take a hike in the mountains, and some come to use Energy Genesis to bask in a unique blend of light, sound, frequency and vibration to gently come back into balance in an unbalanced world.

Sound and Light therapy has been around for thousands of year. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Tibetans and Mayans understood the healing properties of sound, the light spectrum and vibrational harmonics. It’s non-invasive, requires no pills or needles, and is very safe and effective.

“If colors are vibrations of spiritual force, they should be able to help in healing our deepest and most subtle maladies. Together with music, which is a kindred spiritual force, they form a great therapy of the future.” ~Edgar Cayce

Barry McNew is credited with developing a technology called Life Vessel in 1997. He worked with scientists and physicians to discover that the device takes the body to a level below the level of consciousness at an awaken state. He monitored client’s brainwaves and saw that the levels were going into a delta / theta state (deep relaxation / deep sleep) where the body knows how to heal itself, de-stress, detox and relax. In reviewing sleep studies he found that most people never reach REM sleep in their natural sleep patterns and therefore are not utilizing the body’s innate ability to heal itself as we are designed to do. The Life Vessel tricks the body into reaching these levels and activates the body’s innate ability to heal while using the technology.

In 2014, Barry McNew invented “Energy Genesis”. It is a more advanced use of light and sound technology. He uses a completely different configuration of sound and light and works at a core level instead of peeling back the onion to get to the core. One naturopathic doctor reported, “…there is a definitive difference in this new technology.”

The Mayo Clinic put out an article entitled; “Relaxation techniques can reduce stress symptoms and help you enjoy a better quality of life, especially if you have an illness.” It states, “Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems, such as cancer and pain.” They go on to state, “Practicing relaxation techniques can reduce stress symptoms by: Lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, improving concentration, reducing anger and frustration, boosting confidence to handle problems.” It should not come as a surprise to anyone that living with stress day in and day out is not healthy. Clients use Energy Genesis for a number of reasons, including to have clarity / focus, to assist with physical therapy and injury recovery, as a tool for stress and inflammation reduction, for chronic pain management, and to help detox the body.

The Energy genesis machine works to turn off the activity of the genes that cause disease and enable the activity of the genes that fight disease. Once this happens, the rest can be done by the body. More simply stated as, we trigger the body mechanisms to do the job of fighting disease on its own. We are not damaging the structure of the body with the sessions. We are influencing the body to do what it is innately born to do!

The staff controls the settings from inside the room and is able to adjust the sound and light to the client’s needs. The units are roomy and there is even an application for two people to do the sessions together in Energy Genesis. Each session is approximately 45 minutes. The client’s only job is only to release and let go!

Energy healing is the most natural form of healing. It’s all about balance. As energy begins to flow it can reverse any conditions of unbalance in a perfect rhythm. It never goes against your will, or is forced. The flow of energy works as you are in agreement to receive it, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level.

Get more information about non-invasive, energy genesis healing at the Life Center in Colorado serving the Denver area and the western region, or call us today to find out how this simple technology can reduce your symptoms.


The irony most people face when they are planning a relaxing destination wedding on the beach is that making it actually happens seems to be the most stressful thing they have done in their lives. Making this dream come true does not have to be so difficult, and it also does not mean having to make sacrifices to pull it off, not if you plan on having it in Key West, Florida. Key West is the number one choice in the country for people seeking a tropical island destination wedding and has been for several years. There is a reason for that. Actually, there are several.

First of all, there is the opportunity to make each wedding unique. Some resorts do not offer any options other than their own “wedding package.” Key West is a resort town and not simply a resort. That means there are hundreds of different options to put together. Working with a local wedding planner, a couple can see all of the choices that they have. Those choices are not just about where to say “I do”, either.
Once the couple has decided on a sunset wedding on the beach or an afternoon ceremony in a lush tropical garden, there is the question of where and what kind of reception to have. With over 300 Key West restaurants to choose from, they can have the reception that matches their dreams. There are roof top decks, ocean front piers, formal banquet rooms and catered beach parties; whatever their heart desires.

Destination island weddings usually involve having to limit the guest list substantially. Travel to a tropical island can be expensive and the list of accommodations may be limited to just a few hotels. Key West helps to avoid all of those concerns. Not only is there an airport on the island served by several major carriers, there is also the Overseas Highway, connecting Key West, Florida to the mainland with one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This allows people the choice of flying into one of the Southern Florida airports and driving down, helping to economize as well as make an extended vacation out of the trip.

Once on the island, there are numerous hotels and inns to choose from. Over a dozen national names are featured, several privately owned five star resorts hug the water and more than 50 inns and bed & breakfasts are tucked away on the scenic streets. Also for those looking for the comforts of home, there is also the option of renting a privately owned condo or house for a week.

Nothing will ever take all of the stress out of planning a wedding, but by having a destination wedding in Key West, you can be sure what little stress is left will be blown away by the gentle tropical island breezes.