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Advice On Applying For A Infants Passport

Obtaining a children’s passport is somewhat more complicated than getting one for an adult. There is additional proof and documentation required and extra care must be taken to get all the items in order and completed correctly before a passport application will be approved and passport issued.

When you are ready to apply for an infant’s passport, get everything together and make an appointment if necessary at the passport office. Complete the application, but don’t sign it until asked to by the agent. You must appear in person and show a valid social security number for the child.

Proof of the infant’s citizenship is required. This can be done with a certified birth certificate, naturalization certificate or citizenship certificate. You must prove that the infant is your child, either through a birth certificate listing the names of both parents or a court order that shows adoption of the child. If there is a question of custody, you will need court documents showing that you have sole custody.

Where possible, each parent must submit identification documents. These ID forms could include government or military ID, a passport or driver’s license. With an infant application, it is important for both parents to be present to submit documentation and sign the application form.

This documentation has specific rules for the presentation of documentary information for the parents. Both parents must provide documentation and there are rules about paper sizes and colors. The size of the image must be at least actual size of the document or card. It can’t be smaller than actual size. If there are two sides to the ID card, both sides must be copied and sent along with the application form.

Generally, both parents must provide consent. This can be done many different ways. Probably the simplest is for both parents to appear at the time of application and sign the consent. If that is not possible, or if there are custody issues, there are other ways to provide parental consent. You should do the needed research to find the necessary regulations and stipulations.

You must make provision for the proper fees and charges. Some passport offices won’t accept personal checks, but will accept credit cards or money orders. Charges for additional services such as overnight delivery or expedited service may be required. Exact money order amounts are important if you have elected to pay by this method. The passport office may not accept cash in payment for passport fees either.

Format for passport pictures also are thoroughly defined too, They must measure two inches by two inches and be recently taken. They must be color pictures and must be the same photograph. These two photographs will be submitted along with the application. The image will appear on children’s passports. The photo background must be off-white or white. The picture for the passports for infants must show the full face of the baby.

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