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Saint Louis Information and Translator Workers

According to many critics one of the most fascinating cities of the American south, Nashville, embodies the idea of the American “melting pot.” Being the home of various religions, customs and traditions, the Music City in the past, present and future has had, has and will have a very diverse and illustrious population. The most notable are the Native American, Hispanic, Middle East and Asian communities. Even though it is one of the major recording centers and the home of country music, strangely enough, the music industry provides employment to only 19,000 people. Not only is Nashville the capital of Tennessee but it is also a center of education with its two medical schools, six graduate business schools, sixteen colleges and universities and two medical schools. The Nashville Translation Services is one of the city’s most important features – always available and will never let you down. It provides tourists with expert translation and interpretation assistance. For example it can be indispensable at events like the Grand Ole Opry which is country music’s most famous stage and where foreign music lovers may experience difficulties with understanding the strong regional accent.

Louisville, which is in Kentucky, is one of the greatest cities of the American south. Being located on a key spot on the Ohio River, it has been a center for shipping and trade for years. The main population of the city is 19% African American and 77% Caucasian show the demographics. Besides these, though, newly-arrived immigrants have brought more exotic flavor to the city as the languages spoken in the public schools are more than 60. Those interested in the bourbon whiskey industry may find it interesting that some of America’s top bourbon whiskey makers like Maker’s Mark and Jim Beam distill their “water of life” in the region. Louisvillians are not merely concerned with the Southern style and traditions; they are a cosmopolitan crowd in every respect. An event of immense popularity the Kentucky Derby horse racing held every year in May is one of these customs. Hat-makers produce all sorts of hats for the event – derbies, coifs, birettas and bowler hats. Among the most popular refreshments are the mint julep and the stewed burgoo. But to the untrained tourists all this will remain a mystery unless they use the Louisville Translation to guide them through all these strange customs and rituals.

Over the years St. Louis has been referred to as “Gateway to the West.” The last of the greatest outposts of the American Frontier and the major distributor for the enormous agricultural resources to the west of the Mississippi, St. Louis has many reasons to be proud of its history. One of the city’s landmarks is America’s most famous beer brand – Budweiser. It was in 1860 when Eberhard Anheuser purchased a heavily indebted brewery in St. Louis. The first beer distributed throughout the US by rail – Budweiser, was launched on the American market by Anheuser and his son-in-law A. Busch in 1876. The story of another famous company is quite similar. In 1893 W.H. Danforth founded the Purina Mills Company, which from horse-feed producer turned into a major pet foods manufacturer. St. Louis’ richest heritage is the diversity of its neighborhoods. One thing that sparkles the interest of St. Louisans is the histories about the neighborhoods and the development of the land. The Community Development Agency is where these histories can be read. However, to the inexperienced reader they will mean very little without the St. Louis Translator which will guide the ignorant and curious in their endeavors.

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