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Seasonal Recipes Are A Reflection of Holidays And Weather Changes

Seasonal recipes are a fun way to create delicious meals. Often using foods only found during specific times of the year, these recipes help to celebrate holidays, stir old memories and introduce these favorites to others. Using free cooking recipes to discover more of these tasty dishes can help to create interesting culinary adventures.

Summertime is filled with food that does not normally appear at other times of they year unless its shipped in from far away. During this time, juicy melons, peaches, and other types of fruit are easy to find. When it s hot, eating things that are cooling seems like the perfect thing to do. Watermelon sorbet is a perfect example of a unique and easy recipe to enjoy during summer. Using only a few ingredients, it s easy to prepare and there are a variety of ways to serve it. It can be prepared in alcoholic or non alcohol versions making it adaptable for kids or adults. A lemon sorbet recipe uses similar ingredients but switches watermelons for lemons. Both are non dairy and lower in fat than ice cream. A summer salad with vanilla vinaigrette can be a healthy way to enjoy the bounty of summer greens without the fat and calories of heavier dressings and toppings.

Red lentil soup is perfect for brisk fall days. Using toasted curry powder as one of the ingredients gives it a unique taste but also a delicious aroma. Paired with brown rice, this gives a satisfying meal for cooler weather. Fall also includes the Thanksgiving holiday. While many enjoy the same traditional recipes for this dinner, finding new free cooking recipes for accompanying dishes makes it more interesting.

Because winter is filled with hectic days sometimes due to holiday planning and events, using a slow cooker makes perfect sense. A mole, a traditional Mexican sauce made of chilies, seeds and fruit, can be made from assembling the ingredients and letting it simmer in the slow cooker all day. Served over grilled chicken, it is a nice change from many usual slow cooker recipes.

Springtime means breaking free from the heavier foods of winter. It can also mean trying out new recipes. This could be a time to look at new ideas such as making a homemade version of the popular whipped product normally used to top pies. Using just three ingredients and a mixer, this is easy to make at home. Some say it s tastier than the store bought version.

Any season can be appropriate for finding new beverage recipes. Connecting bacon and vodka seems to be something most wouldn t do on their own. When cooked bacon is paired with types of chilies to prepare an infusion, magic can occur. The infusion is allowed to sit for several days then sifted thru cheesecloth to remove the bacon and chilies. Those who like their bloody marys hot will enjoy this new twist on an old recipe.

Free cooking recipes provide new things to try and new ways of preparing old favorites. Using these to make seasonal recipes can enhance our adventures in eating.

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