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Reasons Why Your Toshiba Laptop Won’t Charge The Battery

The difference between a PC and a laptop is that a laptop is supposed to be portable. However, your laptop cannot be unplugged if the battery isn’t charged to an adequate level. There are several reasons why a laptop battery may not be charged. Let’s talk about why your Toshiba laptop won’t charge the battery.

The Laptop Is Not Plugged Into The Wall

The first thing to check is if your laptop is plugged into an outlet. If it is not, you should plug it in right away. If the laptop is plugged in, make sure that the outlet is working. You can test an outlet by plugging in a lamp or some other light. If the lamp doesn’t turn on, you know that there is a problem with the outlet. Once you find an outlet that is working, see if the laptop will start charging. If not, you know you have a problem with the battery.

The Battery Isn’t Compatible With Your Laptop

The battery that you are using must be compatible with your laptop. Each brand is going to have specific batteries that must be used with that brand. Before purchasing a battery, you should make sure that it will actually work in your computer. You can check to see what brand it is supposed to be used with in the product description. This is true whether you buy the battery online or go to an electronics store to buy it.

You Could Be Using An Old Battery

It is entirely possible that you are using an old battery that simply has no ability to be recharged. If your battery is more than a year old, you should think about buying a new one. A good way to test this is to unplug the computer, take out the battery and then reinsert the battery. Plug the computer back into a nearby outlet. If the battery starts to charge again, you know that it wasn’t anything to do with the battery itself.

The Computer Was Overheating

A hot battery is a battery that will not hold its charge. Make sure that you are not keeping the laptop plugged in for too long. This will overheat the battery and potentially damage the laptop as well. A good rule of thumb is to keep your laptop plugged in for no longer than two hours if you are charging your battery. Otherwise, you should remove the battery if you are not using it.

The Battery Has Been Charging For Too Long

Batteries can lose their full charge if you keep the laptop plugged in for too long. It may very well have gone from charged back to fully drained without you noticing it. The only way to resolve this issue is to unplug the laptop from the outlet. From there, remove the battery for a short time to cool off. After a few minutes, plug the laptop back in with the battery inserted into the laptop. Make sure to keep a better eye on your battery this time.

There are many reasons why your laptop won’t hold a charge or recharge. A bad battery is certainly a root cause of this issue. Failing to plug the computer in can also be a cause of this problem. The computer itself could be too hot to allow for a charge. Whatever the cause, you can always bring your computer in for repair if you cannot fix your battery issue.

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