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Preparing your home for a new baby is a glorious and exciting time. It’s going to be a whirlwind once you’re situated back home after the hospital, but if you got everything you needed ready then the whirlwind will leave far less devastation. Getting the house ready before the birth is part of the fun of being new parents. Buying new baby furniture is also quite delightful.

New parents will invest in baby cribs and baby bedding, since you won’t have one already lying around. Brand new cribs will conform to safety regulations so you should be fine on that front. If it’s solidly built, with a wood or metal frame, you’re good. As for the bedding, well, as cute as the comforters, pillows, and stuffed animal accessories may be, hold off on those until you’re shopping for toddler bedding sets. Newborns need to be safe from any and all suffocation hazards. It’s a downer, I know, but there will be plenty of years where you can redecorate your baby’s room. Just wait until those terrible twos!

Along with the baby cribs you look at it would be wise to buy a changing table. Babies are eating machines. They will need to be changed often and at very unexpected times. And, while you’re decorating the room for your newborn, be sure to put the changing table someplace near shelves or storage. This way you don’t have to walk away from the table to get the supplies for the changing. It’s a smart and safe design idea.

The room itself is the creative aspect of all of this. Your baby is going to be looking around at everything in absolute wonder, you might as well make it interesting. Bright colors and simple shapes are good for learning as your baby gets older. Pick a theme: dinosaurs or ponies? You’re going to have to get used to letting your imagination run wild if you intend on keeping up with the little one. Consider this practice. Wall art, area rugs, and assorted other baby furniture should be as functional as it is adorable. Anchoring furniture is a good idea for when baby begins to sit and stand up. The furniture should not be so heavy as to be a potential danger if it’s used for support.

And this is only the beginning. Just you wait. With each new kids show, each new school topic, and each new friend your kid makes in his lifetime you will see new interests. New interests mean redecorating the room. It’s going to be a long and magical journey for you and your family.

aBaby is a premier retailer of designer baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby furniture and much, much more. They’re dedicated to providing quality products and information to fit Mom’s and Dad’s needs.


Crib design is one of the many aspects you are going to consider when selecting baby cribs. There are traditional, convertible, space saving, portable, and round cribs. After weighing the pros and cons of each it should be easier to make the best selection for your home.

Traditional cribs and round cribs are two of the more popular choices. They’re simple yet elegant. When you select either option you should make sure it’s sturdy with hardwood or metal construction. Some prefer the traditional because it works with most décor and the design has worked for years. Others like round cribs because it has no sharp corners and your baby is always in sight.

Convertible cribs are useful because they can be used even if your baby is transitioning into his or her toddler years. They’re a tad more expensive but they can be opened up to be used as a toddler bed. They may require a kit in order to fully convert them but you can find these in stores or from a baby furniture retailer if not from the brand’s warehouse. If you plan on having another child you may want to select a traditional crib and save yourself some money.

In terms of space saving cribs, you may want to look into corner cribs or cribs with underneath storage. These are great if you don’t have lots of room. Baby cribs often dominate the room and become the focal point. With a space saving crib there will be more freedom when selecting and placing other décor and baby furniture.

Portable baby cribs are made narrower than most regular cribs. They are easier to pack than the other kinds of cribs and are good for travel. That makes them desirable for people on-the-go. Because of wear and tear you need to be careful of weak or cracking legs and poorly supported bottoms for the mattress. Avoid the portable baby cribs with mesh sides and mesh supported floor. Instead look for portable cribs designed more like traditional cribs with hard wood or metal construction. If it has locking wheels your find is even better.

Obviously, safety comes first. When you find a crib design you like check the features and see how well they line up with general safety standards. Should you feel unsure about the support it provides, finishes, and/or materials do some research on the model before the purchase.

aBaby is a premier retailer of designer baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby furniture and much, much more. They’re dedicated to providing quality products and information to fit Mom’s and Dad’s needs.


When you brought your little bundle of joy home you had the room all planned out. You picked the wall colors, some decorations, and baby furniture of course! And for a while that worked fine. Your baby was happy, healthy, and comfortable. As your child grows and learns, however, so will come a change in their likes and dislikes. Your carefully thought out room is not going to fly forever.

What kind of bedding are you going to get to appease this change? First of all, make sure whatever sets you buy fit the bed size and mattress. Duvets and huggers are good for teaching your child how to make his or her bed. Duvets are a simple cover for your child to place atop the bed. Huggers will fit snugly on the corners on the mattress. That makes the process less frustrating when your child wants to learn to tuck it in.

If you’re trying to avoid a complete room redo, find bedding sets that match the wall color and room theme. If something isn’t an exact match then choose color complements. They work wonders. Theme, of course, is another consideration. You can find beddings sets with practically any theme from Americana to safari, princess to butterfiles, and everything in between. Obviously, boys and girls are going to have very different tastes by the time they’re toddlers. It’s nice to add touches that reflect your child’s interests, for example, if your child likes animals or trains, select bedding sets that feature them. Show him or her a few choices you’ve picked and work from there.

You may actually decide to stick with age neutral and simple bedding themes. If this is the case, avoid the very specific trends and instead go for sheets that your child can grow with. Solid colors (primaries work well) are great if the toddler’s room is busy. You don’t want the room to be jarring. Toddler bedding can be a great way to balance it.

Lastly, are you going to add a canopy to the bed? It’s a really cute option for princess and jungle themes. They’re also good for keeping direct light from waking your child up. It’s something you might want to consider if your child has trouble sleeping through the night; that and it’s just a fun addition to have.

Have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your kid selecting the bedding. It’s a chance to let creativity flow and to help encourage them to express themselves.

aBaby is a premier retailer of designer baby bedding, toddler bedding, baby furniture and much, much more. They’re dedicated to providing quality products and information to fit Mom’s and Dad’s needs.


Baby furniture is a range of furniture all on its own. Having their own set of baby furniture makes children feel good. It lets them feel as if they have their own private space, where they can do as they please, without being disturbed by grown-ups. It is unbelievable to see the difference which baby furniture can bring about in a child’s nursery. Baby furniture will transform your child’s nursery from a dull place they do not want to spend time in, to a playground they will never want to leave again!

The next time Christmas or your child’s birthday comes around, why not be a bit different. Instead of buying them the traditional toys such as Play Station games, cars, or dolls, be different for a change and buy them a range of baby furniture. Baby furniture is a much better investment, seeing as it will never go out of fashion, neither will it break easily. Some baby furniture is handmade to ensure you as customer recieve a quality product in return for your money. Parents should not think that the range of baby furniture is limited to girls only. Baby furniture for boys is also available, as can be seen from the different themes being produced.

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Most probably you are experienced at decorating your home and know the types of furniture that work well in your home and what you like. However, you have the new job of finding kids bedroom furniture to decorate your child’s room, and you don’t feel as confident. Fortunately, there is specially designed kids furniture that will help you with your decorating ideas because you will know the furniture you are using and that will help you choose kids bedding, colour schemes, and accessories accordingly for the room. The following suggestions for kids bedrooms might give you some ideas that will help you decorate your child’s room.

Kids Bedroom Themes

No matter whether you have a son or a daughter, bedroom themes are popular right now. You simply need to begin with good, solid kids furniture to base the rest of the design around. The first thing you want to decide on is the theme you will be using to decorate the room. Then, consider the colours. These decisions will affect whether you want to purchase dark coloured kids bedroom furniture or light coloured kids bedroom furniture.

Kids Bedroom Accessories

Accessories are of extreme importance when creating the look and feel of kids bedrooms. There are many great items such as duvets, quilts, drapes, canopies, bookcases, and hanging storage that can complement the design of your child’s bedroom. Beautiful bedroom accessories fit in perfectly with carefully chosen furniture, completing the whole look that can last throughout many of your children’s early years.

Classic Kids Bedrooms

There are some other designs that are popular and classic for kids bedrooms and these include nautical themes, fairytales and the like. If your kid has a particular desire when it comes to their room design try and use it even if you are not crazy about it. The baby furniture will be solid and durable so the design can easily be changed later to flatter the beautiful furniture you purchased|bought if you choose to do so.